ANALISIS PENDISTRIBUSIAN DANA ZAKAT (Studi Kasus Pada Rumah Zakat Kelurahan Kayu Manis Kecamatan Matraman Jakarta Timur)


  • Kusnan Imran STAI Al Qudwah
  • Hidayaturrahman STAI Al Qudwah
  • Amin Agustin

Kata Kunci:

Distribution, Zakat, Empowerment.


Poverty is the main problem of Indonesian society.  One of the efforts to alleviate poverty is through empowerment using Zakat funds.  One of the LAZs that has succeeded in empowering is Rumah Zakat.  Through the Cinnamon Empowered Village Program, the MSME actors assisted by Rumah Zakat have succeeded in increasing their turnover and some have become muzakki who were originally mustahik.  The formulation of the research problem is what is the mechanism for the utilization of zakat funds by Rumah Zakat and the extent to which the impact of the utilization of these funds is.  This study used a qualitative approach, case study method, descriptive research type.  The object of this research is the Utilization of ZIS Funds in the Desa Berdaya Kelurahan Kayu Manis program, while the subjects of this research are the management of Rumah Zakat Jakarta, as well as the beneficiaries of this empowerment program.  The results of the study stated that the utilization of ZIS funds by Rumah Zakat in the Kayu Manis sub-district empowered village program was carried out through the Independent Smile program, namely in the form of assistance and guidance for MSMEs.  The impacts of this utilization are as follows: more work discipline, increased turnover, and the transformation of mustahik into muzakki.