ANALISIS PEMAHAMAN MASYARAKAT TERHADAP KEWAJIBAN ZAKAT (studi kasus di Kecamatan Sosa Timur, Kabupaten Padang Lawas, Sumatera Utara)


  • Sigit Suhandoyo STAI Al Qudwah
  • Nandar Sunandar STAI Al Qudwah
  • Dandi Lubis STAI Al Qudwah

Kata Kunci:

Understanding Analysis, Zakat


This study aims to analyze and find out the understanding of the people of East Sosa Subdistrict towards the obligation of zakat. By using descriptive qualitative research methods. Qualitative research that utilizes open interviews to examine and understand attitudes, views, feelings, and behavior of individuals or groups of people in the East Sosa District community. Data obtained from research through the process of documentation and interviews with residents of East Sosa District, religious scholars and community leaders.

            The results of this study indicate that people's understanding of the obligations of zakat fitrah is good and correct when viewed from a fiqh perspective, but people's understanding of the obligations of zakat maal is very lacking.

            The conclusion in this thesis is that the understanding of the people of East Sosa District is only limited to the obligation of zakat fitrah, and people's understanding of zakat maal is still lacking. The inhibiting factors for people's understanding of zakat are due to the lack of community religious knowledge and the lack of socialization of the clergy. As for the tips used to improve people's understanding of the obligation of zakat, namely forming a village zakat board every year, this is intended so that no community is neglected by the obligation of zakat.