IMPLEMENTASI HUKUM WARIS ISLAM (Studi Kasus di Desa Donomulyo Kecamatan Secang Kabupaten Magelang)


  • Nurhadmidah STAI Al Qudwah
  • Ahmad Masykur STAI Al Qudwah
  • Istikmalun Ni’am STAI Al Qudwah

Kata Kunci:

Islamic Law, Faraid


One of the issues that is in the spotlight in the distribution of Islamic inheritance is about the application of Islamic law. As it is known that in Islamic law, the portion given to men is greater than that of women. Regardless of whether or not the concept is agreed upon, in practice not all Muslims carry out the distribution of inheritance using the principles of Islamic inheritance law.

This study aims to determine the understanding and practice of the people of Donomulyo Village regarding Islamic inheritance law and their review of Islamic law. This research was conducted using field research that is descriptive qualitative.

The results of this study indicate that the people of Donomulyo Village understand that inheritance is a process of transferring or forwarding assets owned by parents to be passed on to their children. This process occurs before the parent dies or is shared while still alive. And in practice, the community uses the division according to faraidh and other than faraid or not in accordance with Islamic inheritance law.

            The conclusion that can be drawn is that the implementation of Islamic inheritance law in the Donomulyo Village community, as a whole the application or implementation in the distribution of inheritance among Muslims has not been fully implemented. They use the Islamic inheritance system or faraid and use the grant system. The distribution of faraid is carried out by people who really understand the science of faraid.